Courtney Stiles-Cheak

Our Village Captain

My name is Courtney Cheak and I have been going to stroller strides for a year and a half now. After a difficult pregnancy, being a new mom and 50 pound later, Stroller Strides saved me. It got me out of the house, working out again, and meeting new life long friends. After joining Stroller Stride for 3 months, I lost all my baby weight and at the same time found out I was pregnant with my second. As my roller coaster of a life continued I had the support of my fellow mommas that drove me to come to class everyday up until the day I had my second little girl! I gained half the weight of my first pregnancy, and felt great the whole time! And to top off everything, you get to spend time with the people that mean the most to you, your kiddos. The children not only get a chance to see the positive impact of exercise, but they get to interact with other children and meet new friends.

When the opportunity approached me to be our Village Captain, I jumped to it! Its all the things I love most: my babies, being social, and planning activities and events. Now I am able to plan crafts and social events for the children, as well as for the parents too! I try and schedule two crafts, two + child outings, a MNO (Moms night out) and PNO (parents night out) in a month. As much as we love our children, it is so important to get out and get "ME" time! And MNO is a great opportunity to do that and also allows us to vent all of our life's chaotic moments with mothers that understand and have absolutely no judgement, cause lets face it... we have all been there. PNO allows for you and your hubby to get out of the house and to introduce them to other daddy's! Since dads don't usually get to have play dates and meet other dads that are going through similar life situations, it gives them a chance to do just this!

Like I said stroller strides changed my life, just like it can change yours!